DESIGN: Leo uses a design process that begins with hand-drawn conceptual schematic designs and continues with design development and refinement of initial design with the client. Click here for more information about Leo's design process.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: Includes the preparation of drawings, documents and the acquisition of necessary permits and construction bids. For each project,  Leo assembles a team of competent, talented consultants and contractors who share his same commitment to quality and client-focused design. Team members work in a collaborative relationship with Leo and his clients to create a well-developed and complete project. Leo personally submits all of his projects to the appropriate local jurisdictions for approval and permitting, ensuring a successful and expedited process.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Administration of construction contract between the client and the general contractor. During construction Leo conducts regular site visits throughout construction and is always available to clients for clarification of construction documents and design.


Leo R. Katz Architect provides a range of architectural services including: 1. Custom Home Design
2. Residential Remodels/Additions
3. Historic Restoration/Additions
4. Commercial Design
5. Landscape Design

Additional Support Services:
-- Feasibility Studies
-- Re-zoning Support
-- Variances
-- Neighborhood Association Plan Review
-- Historic Design Review Committee Support (City of Tucson/Pima County
-- Construction Documents
-- Construction Contract Administration